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Robert Epstein, a managing partner of McClure Law Group in Dallas, has departed to launch Epstein Family Law, following in the footsteps of his entrepreneurial grandfather and father, to implement what he calls a “holistic” approach to the practice.

“I’m excited to really be able to just do it my way,” Epstein said about the firm he opened Friday.

Epstein, who practiced at McClure Law Group for 13 years, said it’s a big move for him, but he was ready to embrace his entrepreneurial spirit. According to Epstein, the fourth quarter of 2021 is a good time for him to launch a firm because family law work is booming.

“The floodgates opened” in March, Epstein said, when Gov. Greg Abbott lifted the mask mandate and opened businesses 100%.

“March was a very, very busy month, and actually it’s been steady since. There’s been no lull. It’s remarkable, especially during the summer,” he said.

There’s “no doubt” that COVID-19 led to increased numbers of clients seeking divorces, Epstein said.

“People not being able to get out, not being able to double-date, or whatever they do to keep their marriages satisfying, they couldn’t do,” he said.

Kelly McClure, a managing partner and chief executive officer of McClure Law Group, agreed that pandemic conditions spiked family law work, due to spouses being confined together, an increase in family violence, addictions, alcohol, drugs and frustration that the pandemic isn’t over.

“It’s off the charts. It makes us extremely busy,” McClure said.

Epstein said he’s been thinking about starting his own firm for some time, but didn’t execute on it until the summer. He was inspired by the memory of his late grandfather, who had built a family business.

Epstein said the holistic approach he envisions takes into account that the pandemic has amplified clients’ family law problems.

“I like the challenges of being able to coach people to be able to take the high road for themselves and get them out of a bad situation and empower them to have the courage to do whatever they need to do,” he said.

“I’m not just trying to score points for them in front of a judge or in front of a jury,” he said.

While it’s just him and a paralegal for now, Epstein said he expects to add lawyers over time. He brought clients with him from McClure Law Group.

McClure said she is happy Epstein is living his dream. Epstein had been a managing partner at the firm, along with McClure and partner Francesca Blackard. McClure and Blackard continue those roles.

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