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ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – The attorney representing Miya Marcano’s family has released new information about the 19-year-old’s death.

Daryl Washington’s office confirmed to News 6 that the woman was found bound with tape around her feet and wrists and covering her mouth.

“What I can tell you is that this guy had tape around Miya’s wrists, tape around her feet, had tape on her mouth,” Washington said to News 6 partners WPLG. “When you talk about it, you really get frustrated.”

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On Tuesday, the medical examiner confirmed that the body found on Saturday, Oct. 2 near Tymber Skan Condominiums off South Texas Avenue was Miya Marcano.

The news release on the identification did not provide any details on how her body was found or the manner of her death.

“This case is currently under active law enforcement investigation and any further requests for information, including cause and manner of death, will be deferred to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office,” the release read.

News 6 reached out to the sheriff’s office for details. The sheriff’s office responded in an email reading, “Our detectives have been in communication with the Medical Examiner’s Office and cause and manner of death have not yet been determined in this case.”

Prior to her body being found, Marcano was last seen on Friday, Sept. 24 at Arden Villas Apartments near the University of Central Florida, where she lived and worked.

Investigators said a person of interest in Marcano’s disappearance, Armando Caballero, had been found dead on Monday, Sept. 27. Deputies said he had hanged himself inside a garage at an apartment complex in Seminole County.

Her father told News 6 his daughter was supposed to fly to Fort Lauderdale on Sept. 24. Officials said a maintenance-issued master key fob, which Caballero was known to be in possession of, was used to enter her apartment around 4:30 p.m. on Sept. 24 — a half-hour prior to Marcano getting off of work.

“Our focus is on this guy having access to that key fob… what we want to see is the policy on dealing with the key fob, not the security issues, although that is very important,” said Washington, of the litigation’s focus.

Sheriff John Mina said Caballero had previously expressed a romantic interest in Marcano, but she had rejected him several times.

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“We are not looking for any other people. We believe, pretty conclusively, that Armando Caballero is responsible for this crime and there’s not any other person or persons that we are looking for in this case,” Mina said.

Washington said that justice for Marcano requires everybody who played a part in Marcano’s death to be held responsible.

During a news conference Tuesday, Washington said that there are still questions to be answered in the investigation.

“We don’t know how she left that apartment complex, we don’t know whether if she was dead or alive. But we do know is there were critical hours there were lost,” he said.

On Wednesday night, he continued to stress that “in these types of investigations, every second matters.”

Washington said the family is also working on starting a foundation in Marcano’s honor.

“They want to make sure that nobody has to go through what they experienced,” Washington said. “They’re going to be looking at changes to how apartment complexes deal with key fobs. Also, they’re going to be looking at procedures of how law enforcement officers deal with the investigation of a missing person.”

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