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Our Family Law Firm provides civil separation, child custody, marriage dissolution, and
Colorado Springs child custody details to all who are contemplating using a Colorado divorce lawyer.
We offer a free initial review of your situation by a premier Colorado Springs Family Attorney.

The painful, unpredictable, and complicated divorce proceedings encountered by our clients, particularly when the divorce proceedings or breakup includes children, is why our clients turn to Colorado Springs divorce lawyers for support.

Our specialty is handling contentious Colorado Springs child custody cases with the highest level of professionalism and protection for the child, while protecting your legal rights as a parent or guardian to equitable visitation, custody, and child support issues.

We make it our job to help you locate the most talented divorce attorney to have high-quality counsel on the matters concerning your marital estate, child support and custody. Colorado family law may be difficult, but when you have your case in the competent hands of an accomplished divorce lawyer in Colorado Springs, you can have the confidence that you are in excellent hands.

An accomplished Colorado divorce lawyer, who has managed a great deal of land divisions, properties division, and estate agreements. Provided you have expertise with family law, such as family support, child visits, and custody problems, you would be able to address the complicated and painful issues surrounding child support, visitation, and custody in any divorce involving children.

When you are going through a difficult period in your life, we’d be happy to address any concerns about family law, divorce, or child custody.

If you have obtained or are expecting to receive a divorce petition in Colorado, be mindful of the following timeline information:

The separation procedure will begin after the divorce is approved. The divorce is granted after you have been given official divorce documents, and your attorney requires at least 91 days to testify in Colorado Springs Family Court for a divorce trial.

1. In order to apply for divorce, one partner would have been in Colorado for 91 days previous to the filing.

2. Colorado courts reserve the ability to assess custody only after infants have lived in the state for 182 days.

3. Once a divorce case has been brought, at least 91 days must pass before legal orders relating to the action can be entered. To cover up all that remains of the divorce case, the decree would contain statements of divorce, as well as instructions to finish the problems of land, unpaid loans, child custody, child visits, and child support.

If you have some concerns about filing for divorce in Colorado, here are the Often Asked Questions About Filing For Divorce in Colorado.

In order to get the child custody issue settled as quickly as practicable, do you have to employ a Colorado Springs Divorce lawyer who specializes in Family Law/Child Custody cases?

You can not enter into a divorce case in Colorado until you have met with an accomplished attorney and the possibility of sacrificing land, jobs, and visitation privileges is much too big to mess with.

I would like to know whether taking my asset and property details to my free case analysis is allowed.

Completely, so that we can provide you with the right guidance during your free initial consultation, we urge you to carry all relevant material. A Colorado divorce attorney would cost too much
to employ to help me with my civil rights?

The payments associated with divorce proceedings differ based on various aspects, including whether or not children are present, and the degree of sophistication of the properties involved with the case.
An effective and reasonable fee for securing your civil rights and interests in your legal separation or marital divorce would be given to you at no expense to you in the event you need legal support with some part of your separation or dissolution.

Will a Family Law Judge in Colorado support you with the court?

Effective counselors gather, examine, and show the the information and make sure the complete legal rights are never ignored.

What suggestions or recommendations would you offer on choosing the most appropriate Family Court Lawyer for your case?

To build faith in your situation, we highly urge you to talk with and consult face to face with local divorce lawyers who have expertise with family law litigation.

Providing Help to Those in Need

Our lawyer developed his career actively prosecuting individuals in divorce cases in Colorado Springs and the nearby counties. He was tenacious in advocating for his clients’ best interests and always supported them in court. Our personal passion is to offer professional advice and recommendations and
support clients achieve the best potential result of child custody proceedings.

The lawyers at our firm offer family law programs that are cost-effective for customers in any region of the state, and our family-oriented law has gained us a well-deserved reputation for excellence. We are very proud of the commitment of our legal staff, which offers each customer the requisite robust advocacy, personalized consideration, and empathetic advice. Our mission is to help you move forward with your life and restore your trust and protection by leading you across complicated family law matters.

Cancel any other commitment to see the attorney (either previous appointment or engagement). Arrange a Free Introductory Evaluation & Review of your Family Law case to see if our lawyers may support you. To arrange for a free analysis of your family law, land, or child custody question, please contact our company. By in-person, computer, or email, we can have a complimentary divorce
analysis, Colorado Springs child custody situation, or military divorce problems review.

We will perform a thorough analysis of all the pertinent facts of your case and suggest the most suitable course of legal action for you. In addition, we will send you all of the pertinent material about your family law privileges and the Colorado laws that will affect your lawsuit, and we will include reliable calculations in order to obtain a successful resolution to your Colorado family court matter.

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